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Nev is the front half' of the 'Neval Motorcycles' partnership, the other half being Alan Voase. Nev's book covers his involvement with various Soviet motorcycle factories and his other Eastern work experiences.

Background to Nev ref 'our' bikes: Nevals imported the Minsk from around 1974 before SATRA did and was a Cossack Dealer at the time. SATRA soon added the Minsk to the Cossack range and Nevals stayed as a dealer.

Nevals took over importation from SATRA of Urals M67, Dnepr MT10-36 and Jupiter 5 and continued a few Minsks from around 1979. SATRA passed all motorcycle importation from USSR to Nevals at that time.

Nevals then operated up to end of the 1990's roughly, importing mainly Urals and Dneprs MT11, MT12 & MT16. Nev pulled out towards the end and left Alan Voase to run the show for a set number of years. When Nev could and he restarted importation of Minsks and set up Regent company to sell them. Read the book for inside workings of this work:

100% follows the life of Nev Mason from the age of 3 to 70 years old in his business and personal life. He could not read, write, or add up and went from existing on dry bread and sugar sandwiches, and one penny sachets of coffee, to building several very successful worldwide motorcycle business’s. Designing, developing, manufacturing and selling motorcycles working with big factories in Russia, India, Latvia and China.

Many of his experiences, particularly in Russian, have to be read to be believed, some of the business opportunities he was offered in Russia, spies would have killed for.

Born with a heart condition that Doctors said was terminal. They predicted he would not live past 30, but over 30 years of racing in both Scrambling and Moto Cross build his heart into a big, powerful, slow beating pump. Now aged 70 he has beaten his medical specialist's predictions by 40 years.

Nev’s motto was always; “It takes 100% effort to win in a sport or business” If you want to read an autobiography with a major difference, read 100%.

This book covers Nev Mason’s very unusual full life story.

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